Tick Spraying

Ticks: ick, right?

As much as we all despise the disease-carrying little nightmares, living with ticks is simply one of the facts of life for those of us are lucky enough to call Cape Cod home.

Or is it?

With an effective tick control program, you can greatly reduce the amount of ticks in your yard, and it can be done safely.

A tick on a leaf.

Our comprehensive tick abatement programs include tick spraying, tick bait boxes, and the use of Thermacell Tick Control Tubes. Wherever the nasty little bugs are hiding, we’ll find them and eradicate them.

For spraying, we have several options available, including a tick spray for your yard that is safe for pets.

Your yard should be a place where you and your family, including its four-legged members, can relax and recharge, and our tick programs let you do just that.

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