About Us

Pardon our play on words, but we are a “grassroots” kind of Cape Cod landscaping company. With a lawnmower and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Erick Cooper founded what is now Cooper Landscaping, Inc. as a teenager more than 30 years ago.

When Erick was attending Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, he wanted to earn his own money. So he started knocking on doors asking neighbors near and far if he could mow their lawns. Success did not come quickly. But with the sense of stick-to-itiveness of a lifelong Cape Codder, Erick kept knocking on doors – literally hundreds – before a homeowner gave him a chance.

And off he went.

Since then, Cooper Landscaping has evolved into what is widely regarded as one of the best landscaping companies on Cape Cod. As we grew, we began offering a broad range of landscaping services.  It didn’t take Erick long to realize that for our clients, many of whom are second-home owners, there was a sense of frustration when they began to understand just how many different companies were needed to complete a landscape design and installation.

Erick solved the problem by devising what is now our all-in-one lawn care approach.

When a client needed an irrigation system or outdoor lighting installed, Erick stopped suggesting they call a subcontractor themselves. Instead, he hired the needed specialists as employees of Cooper Landscaping.

Because all facets of landscaping – construction and maintenance, hardscaping, lighting, irrigation and fertilization – are handled directly by Cooper Landscaping and its in-house employees, the level of quality control we offer is unmatched. And whether we are working with a client who lives on the Cape year-round or one who spends just the summer months here, knowing that everything they need can be handled with only one phone call, to us, provides an unrivaled sense of comfort and trust.

Erick and his wife Kym, a fellow D-Y graduate and lifelong Cape Codder, continue to make their home and raise their family here. Over the years, Erick has obtained his construction supervisor’s license, which ensures that everything is done properly on site, and his realtor’s license, which provides him with an understanding of the Cape real estate market and what exterior enhancements will add to a home’s curb appeal and resale value.